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Niveau : Graduate

Langue du cours : Français

Période : Hiver & Printemps

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LS_T_01 Climate - Knowledge & Innovation Community
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This one-day session examines the issues related to the role of agricultural production systems (arable and livestock) in climate change, and how innovative management options new productions and services may mitigate GHG emissions in urban context.

Innovative technologies for food, feed, & energy production, and urban waste recycling will be emphasized in a farm tour and developed via case-studies and practitionners' inputs.

Monitoring CH4 emissions from farmhouses and cows by Yves Python

N2O emissions from crops (monitoring, processes, mitigation) by B.Gabrielle

Low-C cropping systems by PietroGoglio

Energy crops (miscanthus, switchgrass) and bioenergy by B.Gabrielle and S.Carton

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