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Teaching coordinator :

Laurent Mermet

Research center

Level : PostGraduate

Course Language : French

Term : Spring

Number of hours : 36

ECTS Credits : 3
ENGREF_44 Ecosystems, natural ressources and environmental social management theories
Teaching site :
This course aims :- to introduce the student to the main theoretical frameworks used in current French research on human dimensions of ecosystems, resources and environmental management problems- to give them some ability to use results and approaches from social sciences in their work on environmental problems.The student should be able to identify theoretical issues that are hidden in a debate concerning an ecological problem; to assess the respective interests and limits of various social science approaches on environmental problems.This course is highly recommended to students specializing in environmental management (biodiversity and conservation) and public policies, or for preparing a PhD involving social sciences.

January 15th and 16th: The stakes of theorizing the social management of ecological systems. Classical theories based on resources and environmental management. "Gestion patrimoniale". "Common Pool Resources management".January 22nd and 23rd: Theories based on deliberation. Theory of justification. Actor network theoryJanuary 29th and 30th Action centered theories. Collective learning and action. Theories based on strategic management analysis (environmental management strategic analysis). A discussion of epistemological issues involved in studying social management of ecosystems.

Evaluation mechanism : The students write an individual paper, including summary and comment of a book and a research paper, a rejoinder and oral discussion.

Last Modification : Friday 27 February 2009

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