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Teaching coordinator :

Jean-Pierre Camuzard

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Spring

Number of hours : 18

ECTS Credits : 2
ENGREF_82 A filtering device with limited capacity : the soil.
Teaching site :
At the interface between man and nature, exchange area between biosphere and lithosphere, the soil is a living medium. It is complex and sensitive to environmental constraints. It has also a purifying function widely used to eliminate the wastes produced by the human activities. The objectives of this course is to present what a soil is, how it works, and how it can be modified by the environmental constraints.

First part the soil system, I: the soil, a complex living medium. II: constituents of the soil. III: soil organisation. IV: dynamics of the soil system. V: soil differentiation and pedogenesis. Second part Soils and societies, I: soil degradation. II: soil and sustainable development. III: the soil purifying function. IV: conclusions.

Evaluation mechanism : Oral presentation of a bibliographic work

Last Modification : Friday 27 February 2009

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